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ok everything works fine…. BUT

  • I was working on my page, and sometimes when i close wordpress and go back to my site http://www.openedboxx.com, i get my old starter page that i had when i got the domain name… what gives?

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  • everyone else sees it but me.. i cleared my cache and it doesnt help

    Tried pressing ctrl and f5 together on that page ?

    wow, no i go back and it works fine… every time you guys post a comment it works lol

    im sorry guys, this is getting really annoying… sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.. could it be a problem with wordpress? is it a problem with godaddy? I seem my hosted by yahoo….

    its like every time i type something on these forms, i am able to get into my site and see what i finally wanna see!

    oh great… i just logged out and i can’t log back in 🙁

    ^^ nm figured it ou 🙂

    but i still need help with my other problem

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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