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  • Hi,

    I have been testing this plugin for a while. i find many bugs or small issues. Sometimes the problem is that it is too large with too many things intergrated. Should it not solve the purpose of just doing ECOMMERCE. Get Product -> Sell -> PAY. Show LIST -> to Invoice.

    Adding Reviews, social, comments, with all the extra bells causes this overhead and breakage. Support of this free item make the website owner wait for a new release or fix to a previous problem. Then the new fix breaks something else that was integrated.

    Could someone else invent this HOOK and allow these extras to be added to bottom as a new pluging.

    Some issues encountered for a simple setup.
    1) IMAGE problems
    2) alignment issue with products
    3) pagenation with products (back and foreward between WOO PAGES) (Buttons or links to other WOO PAGES) At least allow us as the user to include a button that can jump us from PRODUCT SINGLE page to account or the other ways. Sometimes, the user does not have an option but to hit the back button on the browser.
    4) single page issues – Image large text moved over not customization on look and feel for user or customer.
    5) need to document clearly on how to move some WOO tempaltes under theme tempalte to preserve changes moving forward. Need more maintenance information to safeguard the original work by website manager or webmaster.
    6) Have a section on creation of the account information integrated with WP USER table or extended user table. What are you really asking for but address bill and ship? Make and extend table and add this to link with USER table in WP. When user update profile, they can update this information too unless they come in as a guest, then this information must be stored in the end as they will eventually be registered when moving from cart to checkout.

    I am sure I can list a few more quirky things but it does work. I do not want to put down this FREE and working ECOMMERCE plugin for wordpress. JUST REMEMBER – it is financial collection machine and has something to do with money and people. Then it should be flawless perfect and TO KEEP IT SIMPLE. As upgrades / upgrades could break someones custom WP site easily when you cannot test all possible combinations.

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