• This plugin is on the way to become useful but it has two major problems:

    • The UI is not as self-explanatory as it ought to be.
    • The poor English used in parts of the plugin and in parts of the documentation makes it hard to understand what to do at times.

    An example of the former is that while it’s easy to find how to translate posts (just click the “Create and edit” link in the “Translations of this post” section below the editing area for the post) – there is no obvious pointer to how to make the language menu appear. If you search through the settings you are likely to find it eventually (I did) but some kind of hint of how to do it when you start translating would have been very helpful.

    (Hint: go to “Appearance” –> “Menus” in the general settings and add the xili language menu. It’d be great if there were some kind of warning in the xili language plugin if this hasn’t been done (or at least some kind of hint the first time you add a translation).)

    A getting started guide would be really helpful too. There is a forum and a blog but they mostly address random questions and information about plugin updates, not how to get started. Even the FAQ doesn’t show the necessary steps to get it up and running to the point that you have (i) a translated post and (ii) a working language menu which also (iii) changes the language of the interface.

    The second point (poor English) is only a minor nuisance sometimes, and sometimes it makes it pretty hard to understand what should be done. In the text below, for example, I understand that I should be careful about checking the checkbox below the text and that all the xili-language data will be erased if I do check it, but I don’t get the part about doing it after deactivating the plugin (what happens if I don’t deactivate the plugin first, is it still bad or nothing happens?) and I assume “(only multilingual features)” is trying to reassure me that the posts themselves will remain intact but I’m not certain I got that right:

    “CAUTION: When checking below, after deactivating xili-language plugin, if delete it through plugins list, ALL the xili-language datas in database will be definitively ERASED !!! (only multilingual features). See Wiki for more details”

    A cleanup of the language both in the plugin itself and in the documentation would be really helpful.

    Duplicate: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/ok-but-not-intuitive-and-the-language-is-confusing?replies=1

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