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    ViorelEremia commented 4 days ago
    Ok, and who is the plugin developer for WordPress said bring issues to Github, Github is for developers only!

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  • This plugin is for developers. I am not affiliated with the developers of the plugin but I have used it since it’s release. The description clearly states “A free drag & drop framework that comes with a bunch of built in extensions that will help you develop premium themes fast & easy.”. The project is hosted on Github but I’m sure if you ask a question here you will get response as well.

    Ok thank you Keith, but I have posted here and I do not get a response.
    My theme developer which I purchased on envato themeforest, is not answering support emails anymore so I am stuck with 10,000 euros of web design work
    and a failing pluging/theme

    Plugin Author Unyson


    Hi, github is not only for developers, it is for anyone who has found a problem in an open source program.
    Please post there, for any message you post will read it all the unyson community, so you can get tips on how to solve the problem from the entire community.

    Thanks for the reply, but github for Unyson says differently. I am not getting the help I need. Can you inform them that this is also for users finding problems ? Thanks

    The main problem as I posted there, if you have a staging site, and you use a plugin like duplicator, the search and replace function in the backup or staging plugin, cannot read Unyson’s custom field, and replace, because it makes something like this for images or links –>

    therefore any themes that use Unyson, cannot have a staging site, or cannot restore backups on a new site or domain.

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    I think is not a unyson issue, because that is not a broken url. The community has chosen this to make it easier for their premium themes. We do not break any rule if we use url in this way so, on the contrary, they provide good manipulation for browsers to access this url.
    Now we can’t change that because there are almost two hundred thousand of users with this url pattern so we can destroy too many sites.
    I think the only way is Duplicator plugin to improve their replace pattern.

    i think you do not understand me…
    the url the way that unyson stores it- is the problem for example duplicator pro plugin to move from staging to testing or live, is not able to search and replace \/ in the strings..
    they look for /Ă—683.jpg
    I checked already with Duplicator – they referred me back to you, if i want something custom for duplicator we have to pay and many people use duplicator or other plugins to move or backup their sites.
    i think it would be eaiser for you to comply with wordpress standards, and either offer a way to search and replace plugin addon since you wrote the strange url patterns .. or make an upgrade path that fixes it..
    otherwise I think we will have to move all of our websites away from unyson built themes, which is a big expense initially but a need because we always developing in staging then testing the live.

    Plugin Author Unyson


    “if I want something custom for duplicator we have to pay” – that’s why unyson is free everybody can change it as he wants it is created for developers to start quick your theme it is not for the final user.
    “for example, duplicator pro … is not able to search and replace \/ in the strings” who is not able to search in the strings – duplicator – then it is a duplicator issue.
    “you to comply with WordPress standards” – where you found this as it is not compatible with WordPress standards you can save how you want URLs with the protocol or without.
    We tested with free duplicator it is working fine there are no issues. Also in installer.php duplicator install file, we find this comment:

    /* ==============================================================================================
    ADVANCED FEATURES - Allows admins to perform aditional logic on the import.
        Add additional search and replace items to step 2 for the serialize engine.  
        Place directly below $GLOBALS['REPLACE_LIST'] variable below your items
            array_push($GLOBALS['REPLACE_LIST'], array('search' => 'https://oldurl/',  'replace' => 'https://newurl/'));
            array_push($GLOBALS['REPLACE_LIST'], array('search' => 'ftps://oldurl/',   'replace' => 'ftps://newurl/'));
      ================================================================================================= */

    that’s all I can do for you I can not help you anymore.

    Then why are my pages with Unyson – duplicator not changing my staging address ? for example…..

    there are no images displaying, when i look at the custom field on the page, it did not change the image..
    I have 4 websites that use Unyson that have this issue… which just started about the time i contacted you
    the only way around it is to manually go replace each image on the page, therefore it is pointless to use a staging site, when it breaks

    i am sorry but someone must take responsibility for this problem

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