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    Hi again

    Well, it’s been awhile but I finally installed the 3.0 RC and can’t find the last post asking about it and don’t recall the replies, so will start fresh.

    I have my main website in the root domain, and have other areas – so I do not want a blog in the root that is accessed via my main url. I do have 2 blogs in subdirectories but will change those shortly, they’re a non issue so far, however they’re both on 2.9. I haven’t gotten too far into 3.0 so if I have to scrap it and start over, so be it. Currently, I have 3.0 set up as such: All I’ve really done has been to set up the dashboard and install a handful of themes.

    So what I would like to do is learn how to set the 3.0 to the multisite option, and have the 2 blogs and others in with the 3.0 set up (I know I will have to redo those, not a problem).

    Not sure how the new set up would be accessed, but currently the two blogs are 1 and etc. /blog 2 – how do I set up 3.0 to have additional blogs without putting everything in the root, and if that isn’t possible (bleh), how *do* I set it up so that the blogs or the main 3.0 installation is NOT being accessed directly via

    I’d want all the blogs to be able to share all the themes and plugins, one main admin (me), and will not be offering a blogging service to anyone else, so all the multiblogs are my own. I’m reading over the forums to find the answers but right now I’m really overwhelmed and lost. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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  • Are you sick of this question yet? ;-p

    (Note, it wouldn’t let me edit the above else I’d have reposted there)

    Okay…this is what I did, seems to work fine, however I’m wondering if I messed up on this instruction and how easy it is to fix if so…

    I set up a sub folder my root domain and installed wp3.0 there, so to get to it would be

    I added the code to the config file and uploaded it
    I clicked tools/network and went through he instructions and changed the url names in general section from to

    Where it said create blogs.dir in the folder, I did not make it blogs.dir, I only went with blogs. I was confused as to whether that is the specific name or if it was a typo and .dir meant the directory, not some extention??

    I added the htaccess but the main file was in public directory. I added the code to it in there and copied/pasted it also into the wp30 wp-content folder

    Relogged and seems to be working fine. I added 2 sites, selected themes, set up the options for disable registration.

    Should I have made it blogs.dir specifically and if so, can I just rename it or would I have to reinstall the whole thing and start over?

    On the htaccess file, I basically have two with the code, one in public and one in the content. Should I delete or change any of them?

    Will this matter? If so, how…and how to fix?


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    Andrea was out of town 🙂

    She and I had talked around the idea of a non-root Multi-Domain install before (though IIRC we’re both of the opinion that you could use a WordPress ‘splash’ front page and move your extant stuff around a bit).

    Do make the blogs.dir, as that’s where your images and such get uploaded. NOT a typo 🙂 They really mean a folder named blogs.dir


    So can I just rename it and carry on or do I need to scrap it all and start over? As for the htaccess, is it ok to have both copies in the public and wp folders or should I get rid of or change one? So far everything seems to be working as usual…

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    I THINK you can just rename the blogs folder, or copy and rename the copy. Is there anything in it?

    As for .htaccess, you ONLY need that in the main WP folder, so you can get rid of the one in wp-content.

    Still no answer on the htaccess question but the blogs.dir seemed to show up automatically…and it seems to work fine so I consider this one a wrap unless anyone wishes to let me know about the htaccess file and if it’s ok to have them both in two different folders or how that works.

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    Tag the thread multisite or grover and I’ll see it. 🙂 I don’t always hit up the forums directly.

    Yes, you can have the two .htaccess files. One for each install. (I think you’ve got two installs there… lots of words…;) )

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