• Phil


    This used to be a great plugin for removing bloat from WooCommerce. Now it has become bloated itself.

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  • Plugin Author Disable Bloat


    Hello @probablynotphil

    I understand that you might be disappointed by the direction of the evolution of the plugin. But please acknowledge that the core WooCommerce features are and always will be available and actively developed.

    Also, the new features now give you the ability to declutter your WordPress admin panel without using additional plugins. In fact, your site and admin panel should actually run faster with the 3.X.X version of the plugin, after activating new options!

    The goal was to create a real all-in-one solution for your WordPress WooCommerce so that you won’t need any other plugins to boost your site’s and admin interface performance.

    I agree with @probablynotphil – I totally understand the desire to create a paid solution to help offset the investment/time @disablebloat has put but not sure I love the execution of it. This used to be great for its task and a great plugin, going to be dropping it from my stack moving forward though.



    agree with @dsni, already removed as a default and moved to something else; not worth paying so much for something that should be free (it’s a feature remover, not a feature adder).

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