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  • We’ve just found out that the Coupons module we were using no longer works because that’s now a paid add-on module. No notification that it disappeared during the Pro “upgrade” (along with other people’s features that they too were previously using). One of the things I learned in 40+ years of developing software is that you DO NOT take features away from your users, especially when you say “Bookly Pro add-on inherits all features of the OLD paid version of Bookly (up to 15.2 version)”.
    Not happy!

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    Hello Fuzzybo! Please, could you send the purchase code and Envato PDF certificate to, so that we could take a closer look on the issue?

    With the upgrade to the Pro version we extended the functionality of free Bookly but didn’t remove any features from the Pro version, which used to be in the legacy version of pad Bookly. Coupons add-on was released a year ago and was a stand-alone feature from the very beginning. This fact can be easily checked on Codecanyon.

    We found out that the Coupons module was no longer working because of a bug in the code, caused by it not handling coupons assigned to archived Staff members. We lodged a bug report about this, but was told “Even though we test our code thoroughly, we cannot guarantee that there won’t occur any issues in your installation due to the work of other plugins”, and we should “update <our> support package”. We then provided four simple steps to duplicate the issue, and our ticket was handed to the technical department to check it. The Tech guy was able to duplicate it, and a code fix came out in Bookly Pro 1.2. All up, it took 2 weeks (admittedly over New Year’s) but it did get fixed. Thanks, Dmitry!

    Star rating upgraded from 1 star TO 4 stars. Only 4 because of the bug and the initial denials that there was a problem with their code.

    Dear @fuzzybo , i am experiencing the same issue. Could you advise an effective way of getting resolved? I am feeling Bookly doesnt wish to own this issue. Would be much appreciated if you could point me to the solution. Many thanks.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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