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  • So I’m almost done with a site I put together for my brother; it’s here and was based off this theme. (I’ve messed with the code, though, so it’s not as pretty now as when I downloaded it.)

    I have one issue that I’m really stuck on, though: everything looks fine in firefox and safari, but explorer wants to stretch the content box to the height of the entire screen, which is fine for longer pages but most of his blog posts are one or two lines from twitter, and that page looks ridiculous in IE.

    I’ve done searches up and down the forums but most fixes seem to be particular to that one person’s code. I have run the site through the validator and I fixed everything I understood; the things that are left are ones I don’t know what to do with. (I’m kind of making this all up as I go, hurray!) Stylesheet is posted here; if it’s better for me to post it into this message, just let me know. And please don’t tease the poor ugly CSS, it’s not its fault that I’m a total hack.

    Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks!!

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  • hey – me too ………. nothing shows up on the side bar when my blog, Blog Stephani, opens on IE with the theme (and many more) I am using (or the default theme for WP).

    All OK when you open a particular post but if I do not have “contact”, “about” etc buttons on the top – forget it, there is no “admin” link either.

    I was told that it is an IE issue. Great!!

    Look for div.main and after it’s } add this:

    *+html div.main {
      height: auto;

    I assume you’re talking about IE7 btw. If you want to include IE6 in that, try this:

    * html div.main, *+html div.main {
      height: auto;


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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