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  • I accidentally deleted my .org account by changing the site’s address to my domain.

    It automatically logged me out and when I tried to log back in, it brings me to my .COM dashboard (where the domain was originally purchased and pointed to).

    I just made the domain switch. Pointed nameserver to bluehost and transferred the domain over as well (cancelled private ownership, the whole deal) and I thought we were all good, but now I see that I have to wait for the domain to be released from the previous registrar.

    I don’t know what to do now? I have no access to my account (I’m on a new one currently). It even says my username does not exist.

    My previous log-in for the account was:

    I was just trying to change the name to jredatabase, instead of the temporary domain (numbers).

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  • You can change those back – see:

    BTW, that’s not really a .ORG login (not the same as your site) – so I’ve changed the topic on this thread – the .ORG login is your user account for these forums – which obviously does work :)!

    Well I meant that was my admin log-in to get into my dashboard. Now it brings me to

    I have no access to my original dashboard. My website is gone. Once I changed those addresses to “” it logged me out of the site, and my former username ( also does not exist. It’s like it wiped out my entire .org account/site/etc

    This is a new username I just registered so I could post on this forum.

    Yes, the link I posted above has several ways to change the URL setting without admin access – you will need to have FTP or other access to your site files/database.

    Not intending to be annoying, but just clarifying:

    I’ve hosted this site on for a long time and have my domain purchased there as well.

    I just started self-hosting with bluehost/building with I’ve done all the necessary steps to transfer over my domain (except I didn’t know I had to wait for it to be released).

    In my dashboard, I changed the blog’s address to my newly transferred domain, thinking it would change the website pages from the temporary address ( ) to the domain I transferred over ( ). It then kicked me out, presumably because that domain is still attached to, so now that admin log-in url is associated with too.

    I don’t know where to go from here.

    Oh okay, I’ll look more into that page then. Thanks.

    I’m sorry, but that page is way above my head. Is there anyway/anywhere I can get personal help?

    Your domain name does appear to go to a self-hosted WP site on Bluehost.

    Make sure you’ve cleared any browser caches and cookies on your computer.

    It’s still bringing me to my site that I have hosted at Cleared cookies, used multiple browsers, and even different computers.

    It may not be fully changed – when did you change the nameservers? Or it’s possible something is not right on your site. You may want to ask BlueHost for help – they have good customer support.

    Well at one point, it was directing my domain to my self-hosted site. But once I changed the site’s address, it went back to the homepage. Thanks, I am in queue for online assistance there; however, this occurred because of something I did in the dashboard so it seems like it’s a wordpress issue, not a bluehost one, and I expect them to send me back to you haha

    Okay, if it WAS working, then yes, it’s probably something you changed. What did you change the URL settings to? Is your site installed in the root of your server?

    Under Settings-General, it listed my site’s address / blog address, and I changed it to and that’s when everything went haywire.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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