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[Resolved] og:description showing meaningless words

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  • Plugin Author idleberg


    any chance you can nail down the plugin that could be responsible for this? i looked at the source of your website, but since i don’t read hebrew i can’t make much of it… 😉

    ps: the custom description is supposed to work on the front page only

    the plugin that seems to affect the og:description meta tag is the Facebook Comments.
    the translation of what appears in the og:description meta tag is “Comments Comments”.
    if this should only appear on the front page, why does it gets populated with value from a post?

    also, it does not show any of the post text when I share it on Facebook.

    Plugin Author idleberg


    i take it you’re using this plugin (there are several with the same name)?

    i installed the plugin and got the almost the same behaviour, it showed the description from my post, but “comments comments” was appended to it. in the settings of the facebook comments plugin you can remove the appended text (see “title” and “comment text”.) if the behaviour persists, i’d actually contact the author of that plugin since it seem to interfere with the wordpress excerpt/post text. i don’t think it would be right, if i added an option to my plugin that interferes with/disables the functionality of another.

    even if I remove the “Title” and “Comment Text” I still don’t get the post description at all.
    Beside that, if I remove the “Comment Text” and still want to display the number of comments, I get just the number for the count but without a title for it so it’s meaningless.
    I don’t mind for now removing these texts but I still don’t get the description when I share the post on Facebook.
    you can see again in this link http://fsh.co.il/jerusalem_marathon_3of10/ after I removed the texts.
    Can you assist?

    Plugin Author idleberg


    1. try disabling your other plugins one by one to see if any of them interferes with retrieving the excerpt of a blog post

    2. try using the default theme for the same reasons as above

    hopefully we can narrow down the source of the problem

    it seems that NEW links are ok (after I’ve removed the “title” and “comments text”) but the link I am trying to resolve still remains with “comments comments” although the source file of that page does not have the og:description meta tag at all.
    is there something to do for the shares I’m getting on that link?
    Thank you!

    Plugin Author idleberg


    that could be due to facebook’s cache, here’s how you can enforce a refresh. otherwise the cached link should expire after a week or two.


    Plugin Author idleberg


    the only thing that troubles me, facebook is get the description from the opengraph tags since that one’s empty – the site is using a fallback and analyses your site. i still think that there’s some plugin (or the theme) interfering with ographr. do you use any plugins that create a custom excerpt?

    I don’t know. Should I have an excerpt field in a post? because I don’t have anything like this. is this created automatically as part of WordPress functionality?
    I’m using Videozoom premium them.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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