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  • I think I’ve found a bug. My blog is setup to adjust the time on the server it’s installed on by -4. Works great whenever I post through WP. I noticed however, that several of my posts still had the wrong time. At first, I looked to the installation for the problem.

    Then I realized what they all had in common — they were posted to the blog from a external windows client (both w.blogger and blogjet). In those cases, the client had already set the time to my local time. When it got posted through the api interface, it reduced the time by -4.

    I have to edit the post through the admin and adjust the time back by +4 to correct it.

    I *definately* know it happens with Blogjet, and *pretty sure* some earlier entires from w.bloggar had the problem. so my guess is that it has to do with the way the API interface is getting the time from the client posting software. It should be taken as an *absolute*, rather that making the adjustment, since the client software is likely to be in the timezone/correct time of the author.

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  • Just a followup since I’m able to reproduce this, I was wondering how to actually log it as a bug for the developers?

    Another interesting tidbit. If I offset the client posting time by 4 hours (in the future), then the entry appears to have the correct time under write->manage, but the post doesn’t show up. I guess in the background it’s still thinking it’s 4 hours in the future.

    Simply clicking the edit time stamp box, and then doing *nothing* but saving the post again makes it appear. So there is something with the display of the post’s time and the actually publishing time thats a bit wonky.

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