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  • The New to WordPress section advises making your own PDF if you’d like to do some offline reading. Personally, I want to read up on WordPress, from the basics to the advanced techniques, but I don’t want to have to spend the time sorting through and saving pages of the codex when I’m sure others before me have done the same thing.

    I’ve looked far and wide for some sort of PDF guide to wordpress, but haven’t found anything. Is there one out there? Will there be one made available soon?

    I’d imagine a fair amount of people are looking for the same thing as I am: a comprehensive, chronological documentation of WordPress. Something you can print out and read in bed to guide you through WordPress.

    Please let me know if this sort of thing exists yet.

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    a comprehensive, chronological documentation of WordPress.

    Are books on WordPress in consideration? Google WordPress books, good reading before sleeping at night 🙂

    I did check (yup – I’m a canuck) for WordPress books, but all that turned up were a few intro to wordpress blogging books, some dev books, and a WordPress/Drupal/phpBB book. I’m looking into using wordpress as a CMS, not simply a blog, so none of them really catered to my needs.

    If there were, say, an O’reilly book on WordPress, I’d be in heaven.

    The thing is, all the documentation exists in the codex, but I’m looking for a quick-fix, one-stop-shop version of it. An ebook, essentially.

    I did find a WordPress Primer and Quick Start Guide, but sadly, it’s about 92 pages too short.



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    New books about ways to use WordPress are being published all the time, including a recent one on using WordPress for Business Blogs that I think is more aimed at CMS uses. We’ve been thinking about doing something in a handbook format, but it really sounds like you might be looking for something more specific and in-depth than a general reference would be?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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