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  • Hi. I’ve been looking at helping a non-profit in Kenya to change a static HTML site into a CMS managed one with WordPress. WordPress would be pretty perfect for what they need, but for the continued reliance on interaction with the server. At their office, the connection can go down and not return for ages – they’re also paying by the minute on dial-up.

    I’ve looked into Windows blog clients like Live Writer and BlogJet, but they seem to focus only on adding new posts. Whilst this is really helpful, being able to edit pages (rather than just posts) offline and save drafts for synchronisation with the server when the connection comes back would be just as useful to them. Most of the site would be handled in posts, but pages would be needed too for the core navigation and background info on the organisation.

    Does anyone know of a way to keep a copy of a blog’s pages locally, where they could edit the pages offline and then save them back to the server when they’re ready?

    Thanks & best wishes, John

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