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  • I have a client that needs to be able to take credit card information but not process it when it’s taken. They ship a lot of their product via freight with multiple carriers. They want to be able to calculate the shipping after receiving the order and then bill the credit card using their in house processing machine. They also need the ability to accept a PO # (Purchase Order #) instead of a credit card, it their client want’s to use it instead.

    I would appreciate any help.

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  • Thanks. I will definitely look into your plugin. Do you happen to know a plugin that will allow users to put in their cc info for offline processing.

    that’s not exactly secure, but I did see this a while back – it’s $95, though.

    I could probably build a variation of my plugin to mimic the same functionality, though for half that.

    Well I’ve been reading more this evening about PCI compliance. The reason I need the offline processing is because my client ships using many freight services and they shop around for the best rate on each order. The automation of the shipping cost can’t be automated with WooCommerce due to some of the providers are not big name companies. Any suggestions?

    Well, with my Purchase Order plugin, you can let the user place the order without entering payment info, then when you have the shipping amount, add it to the order, change the status to pending, and click “email invoice”. the user will get a pay link where they’ll be able to pay via paypal or whatever other payment gateway you have available.

    another option would be to use flat or table rate shipping to estimate the shipping cost and if your shipping cost happens to be less, then that’s just more money for you.

    So with your PO plugin, the will still have to pay using WooCommerce? The have a credit card processing unit already and they want to still use it.

    They still have the option of paying via WooCommerce, but what you do after the sale is up to you.

    If they truly want to process cards offline, they could contact the user by phone to run the card. (seems a bit tedious for an online shop) Personally I wouldn’t want to have credit card numbers floating around via email, but that’s an option as well.

    After you run the payment by whatever means, you can manually mark the order as “Processing”

    What would it cost to have the functionality of our PO plugin plus Viser’s OCCP plugin together? I like how it only stores part of the credit card number and then emails the other portion to an email address. Then the portion of the cc info is only saved on the server for 3 days then deleted.

    Send me a message through my website and we can discuss further.



    Hi there,

    I have installed this plugin now i want to activate the offline payment getway. How can i activate this.

    Please help me regarding this…

    Thank you…

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