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  • Plugin Author Soflyy


    [Please do not post in uppercase & shout at us. Post title de-capped.]

    I’m in charge of technical support for WP All Import.

    We don’t check these forums or handle support inquiries posted here.

    But we do handle support inquiries received at our support desk in a timely manner.

    To get support, e-mail You will get a receipt e-mail back confirming we’ve received your e-mail. If you don’t, check your spam folder. If you didn’t get a receipt e-mail, it means we don’t have your support ticket. In this case, you can e-mail me directly at and I’m happy to help out.


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  • Hey Louis,

    I’d respectfully suggest that if you are going to provide a free plugin with an upgrade option to a pro plugin built in, that you should consider checking the wordpress plugin’s forums and follow up with folks here. Otherwise the freemium model is not going to work terribly well. Plus, you will miss out on feedback of potential issues from a larger sample of users.

    Per your suggestion (via one of my blog articles) I was trying to check out your free plugin, couldn’t get it to import anything and came here looking for threads on what might be causing the issue before asking the same question as a repeat. Seeing such a message as yours above is not very positive. May I suggest something like ‘Welcome and thanks for using our free plugin sorry you are having trouble. We’ll do everything we can to help….’

    Plugin Author Soflyy


    Hey Brett,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We have limited resources but as soon as we can we will find a better way to provide support for our free version customers.

    Our support desk actually works out great.

    The problem is many users don’t see that until they’ve already come to the forums.

    What we will probably do is add notifications inside the plugin (next to all error messages) that the proper channels for support can be found at

    Thanks for your feedback and your interest in WP All Import.


    I must agree with Brett,

    I have been emailing with you Soflyy, but it would be great to have an interactive support forum where I also can find other users that might have same problems (and solutions).

    This 1 on 1 support might be even more work for you, since you probably have to answer the same questions over and over, while we could have found answers online…

    I sincerely hope you reconsider, as I was planning to upgrade to ‘unlimited websites’…

    Plugin Author Soflyy


    If WP All Import gets popular enough to justify forum support, we’ll provide it.

    Right now, we get XX requests per day at our support e-mail address, but just a couple a week on

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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