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  • please don’t forget about the multisite version. I still can’t find or see the options menu of this plugin

    Plugin Author Donald Gilbert


    @ovidiu – I just implemented a fix (found here – ) that should fix the multisite menu. Please reinstall the latest version (3.1.7) and let me know how it works for you. Thanks.

    works great.
    tried logging in as a random user and I see the plugin doesn’t come with default settings? or does it only look like it?

    what your idea of default settings? is it possible to set the site admin settings as default unless the user saves a different kind of setting?

    otherwise great, I’m really happy with this version 🙂

    Plugin Author Donald Gilbert


    Hey all – just released the much anticipated version 3.2 which adds the much requested custom menu item feature! Update today and check it out!

    Ability to add custom menu items using the WP Menus interface.

    Make everything work correctly with MultiSite (sorry Ovidiu – still working on that)

    😉 as long as you post in here when you’ve made progress with multisite all is good.
    no rush and thanks

    regarding custom menu items: that sounds great but remember, multisite again, needs an option so that the network admin ca create global menus while the site-admins can or cannot add their own menus…

    getting a PHP warning with your latest version:

    [Fri Jul 08 15:37:41 2011] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/clients/clientxx/webxx/web/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-admin-bar-improved/wpabi.php on line 115

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Plugin Author Donald Gilbert


    Ovidiu – the only reason that I can think of that you are seeing that error because you probably don’t have any items in the WPABI menu, but you have the custom menu option enabled. I’ll push a fix that checks if the menu exists along with a few other items in the next version.

    ah, now I understand: since your plugin doesn’t set any defaults, all sub-sites it is being activated automatically is giving this error until I go and set the settings separately for each site.

    I guess including default settings would solve this problem.

    currently network-activating the plugin, then going to a random blog and checking the settings, none of the check-boxes is checked, hence the errors… ah, warnings, you know what I mean…

    Plugin Author Donald Gilbert


    v3.2.2 fixes the fatal error you were experiencing as well as sets the default for all items to off. I really need to think about how to get the defaults on a global basis that is able to be configured easily by a network admin. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

    Plugin Author Donald Gilbert


    v3.2.3 adds a persistent state for the admin bar show/hide feature. Now, if you click hide, it will remain hidden on the subsequent pages that you visit. Same thing goes for showing the admin bar. This process uses and comes packaged with it’s own copy of jQuery.cookie. If you already have jQuery.cookie enabled, then it will override the included version. Let me know how it works for you!

    I deactivated and uninstalled this plugin – it worked fine but am trying out Google Friend Connect instead for social purposes and don’t need it anymore but even after deleting it – it is still showing up. I deleted browsing cache and still shows up. How to I completely remove this.

    Hi, Great plugin !
    But ıi have questions.
    1) If user enter wrong password, user redirected to /wp-login.php.
    İf text (like *wrong username/password) appear, would it not be more beautiful ?

    2) How can i edit admin bar ?

    3) Will you add a “Like this Page” or “Connect with Facebook/Twitter” ?

    Thanks !

    Plugin Author Donald Gilbert


    @thebusysingleparent – once uninstalled, it is totally removed – it doesn’t leave anything behind. You may be thinking of the WordPress 3.1 admin bar, which is separate from this plugin.

    @srgn03 – I could change the login form to use AJAX instead – that would actually be really cool. I’ll have to implement that in the next version. Thanks for the idea.

    As for the social items, I’m considering adding those in an upcoming version.

    What do you mean “Edit the admin bar” = are you referring to the color scheme?

    No, i want to delete comments etc.

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