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    Please expand free version options and capabilities instead of make them less to force users buy premium; they would migrate to other similar plugins, as it had happens for most of wp plugins during the time while they used a wrong marketing strategy. regards

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    It was extend a lot.

    1) I’ve integrated CyberSEO Lite with 3 content spinners (WordIA, SpinnerChief and SpinRewriter). Do you know any other free RSS content syndication plugin which provides such a feature?

    2) I’ve added a WPML language support. Do you know any other free RSS content syndicator plugin which provides such a feature?

    3) The interface was improved, all known bugs fixed, debug mode has been added.

    I do not FORCE anyone to buy premium. All features listed in the plugin’s description are available for free right out of the box. I do not ask anyone to pay a single cent for them. English is not my mother language, but I know what terminology is. When I include a description of a premium product into a freeware one, I just suggest it. This is called advertisement and have nothing to do with a force.

    Please read this: https://www.macmillandictionary.com/dictionary/british/force_2 and this: https://www.macmillandictionary.com/dictionary/british/advertise

    Thank you.

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    Thanks for being responsible, even to free version users, it’s very nice of you.

    Kindly consider that some strings in plugin are deprecated in PHP 7.x, like:
    – cybersyn/fivefilters-full-text-rss/makefulltextfeed.php on line 1252
    – cybersyn/fivefilters-full-text-rss/libraries/feedwriter/FeedItem.php on line 104
    – cybersyn/fivefilters-full-text-rss/libraries/simplepie/library/SimplePie.php on line 1496

    also some options are needed which are currently included in other free plugins:
    – remove hyperlinks
    – replace a keyword
    – wrap html

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    Unfortunately I can do nothing about it. The full-text-rss sctipt is not my code. Here is a quote from the CyberSEO description:

    Full Text RSS extractor is 100% free and allows you to import full-text articles. This feature is based on freeware GPL library by fivefilters.org. This built-in feature works right out of the box. No 3rd-party services or paid API keys.

    This is a GPL script written by fivefilters.org and it is included into CyberSEO “AS IS” as a stand-alone library (you can always download it from the official code repository: https://bitbucket.org/fivefilters/full-text-rss). Thus is you want it to be changed/improved, you should contact the authors directly. I will be happy to include that new version when it will be available.

    P.S. If you search for full text RSS in the WordPress repository, you’ll find many other plugins that provide the mentioned service. All of them use the same code from fivefilters.org. However when you activate those plugins, you will find out that the feature is not free at all. You will be asked to pay for an “extension module” to enable it, or you will be asked for a “magical” API key which is a paid one and… your money will go to the plugin developer, not to the actual authors of the full-text-rss script. Thus CyberSEO Lite is one and only plugin at WordPress.org which doesn’t charge for it and I don’t try to earn money on a script, written by someone else.

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