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  • Hi all,

    I just installed this plugin and it mostly works, though I’m having a couple of issues I’m hoping someone can help out with.

    *Note: I’m using the manual class method, which was the only way I could get the lightbox to work at all.*

    1) None of the lightbox navigation buttons work even though they are all active — no next/previous arrows, no next/previous link text. How can I get them to show up?

    2) Closing the lightbox is a bit better — the “x” shows up; however, the link text doesn’t. Any way to make it appear? (BTW — all the closing functions work — pressing ESC, using the x, clicking outside the lightbox — no problems!)

    3) The image count text won’t update, no matter what I try. The first time I set it, it said it saved but nothing happened. So, I tried again right away and the text updated. After I finished going through the settings, I tested it out on a low-traffic post and the image count text was fine. When I tried to update it again afterwards, it reverted to the default text, regardless of what I set, and now it will no longer update in the lightbox even though the settings seem to have saved properly. I even tried one of the suggestions from this support forum, which was to simply use a space in lieu of text, but that didn’t work for me either. Any suggestions?

    4) I can’t get the image to align centered in the lightbox, which I would really like. Currently it’s only aligned left and none of the plugin settings affect the image position, just the lightbox position. I tried some simple CSS (using my own stylesheet and not the plugin styling options), but it didn’t do anything even though when I inspected it with Firebug, my styles were showing up fine. Would anyone know how to resolve this?

    Thanks in advance of any advice that can be offered! If any or all of these issues will be fixed with the new plugin version, I’m happy to wait for the update or test the beta — (I’ve posted in the author’s thread about the new version and am waiting for more info before moving forward on that). But if anyone knows how to fix these issues right away, then I would really appreciate the help!


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  • A few points I forgot to mention (numbered as above):

    1) I can still scroll through the images by clicking just about anywhere on the lightbox, though I can only go in one direction.

    3) It would be so nice if the default image count text had a capital “I” for “image # of #” — then I wouldn’t have to change it!

    Plugin Author Dan Zappone


    Let me see what I can do before I push the next version out.

    Thanks Dan! Just a little note that I was wrong about point #1 above that I can only scroll in one direction. In fact, scrolling works in whichever direction I click, it’s just that there are no buttons so it’s really not clear to users that they can actually go straight to the next image. I just managed to figure it out by randomly clicking everywhere…

    Plugin Author Dan Zappone


    Ok, thanks for the info.

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