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  • This plug-in at first blush looked really good, but then its not really a plug-in is it.

    I am just a novice at this blog stuff, but I have worked really hard to create a useful web site and blog. I also made a conscious choice to put OUR blog on OUR web site not someone else’s . . . for example. I have no doubt that for many is awesome but being hijacked to kind of sucks.


    Sorry about that, we decided to keep the dashboard on because 1) it’s faster and 2) it allows us to add new features without getting everyone to update their plugin.

    The other outstanding coders out there creating plug-ins for WP don’t seem to be having the difficulty you are attempting to avoid.

    That is nonsense. Its driving traffic through your site. At least be honest and say so, not the drivel about updating and speed. Sounds like someone used to be a Microsoft employee.

    I have decided to remove your “PLUG-IN” and find another.

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  • Follow up:

    In my earlier post I failed to mention the name of the Plug-in. The Plug-in I am wrote about in the earlier post was the Stats plug-in.

    I removed Stats plug-in and replaced it with CyStats by Michael Weingaertner.

    CyStats by Michael Weingaertner runs on my server. If someone is accessing the statistics on my site it is not being freely provided to them by me.

    CyStats by Michael Weingaertner provide more information that I know what to do with at this point in my learning curve.

    Excellent plug-in.


    What is your point? The whole point of the’s plugin is that it does its magic off site. Not a secret and is spelled out very clearly. Which is what some users need and want. If you want more control and details you run something else. Me, I don’t use a plugin for real stats, I use the same server side app scenario that has been on the box for years and is independent of what the website is using. I do both.

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