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  • i would like to be able to use externally hosted images in galleries featured items banners backgrounds etc. i can insert media and select from url, but i cant do that for the others. images are chewing up tons of disk space on my web host. this would be especially useful on multisite pulling down images from upstream sites.

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  • You’d want to use a proper CDN plugin for this.

    (Multisite shared libraries is a different issue.)

    264 CDN plugins, which one do i want? this should still be core features here

    There reason there’s a plugin is because there are hundreds of CDNs 🙂

    Which one do you want to use? Which one meets your needs! What are your needs? Where are your users? Find a CDN that offers service to the primary areas your site is visited from, is my suggestion.

    It’s a core feature to make using the CDN you want as easy as picking the CDN and the plugin. That way everyone can be happy and no one can complain that WP locks them into ONE choice 🙂

    unlimited bandwidth, unlimited time, free, just image hosting to move all images off the server, and an ultra easy plugin, im busy working on gentoo, i cant be bothered with wordpress dev/management. =D the guy im helping out is a windows newbie and doesn’t exactly get linux yet. i told him to start investing time in learning php.

    im a wiki editor for gentoo, i wrote its wordpress wiki but i left all the plugin stuff out and really want out of this deal. my demarcation point was 1 install wordpress 2 allow upload/download images 3 allow themes with out ftp messages & 4 allow plugins installed. basically im being asked to dev wordpress when my aspirations of it were much much less than that.

    so far ive been ok with wordpress, its really setup well with the plugin setup. far more easy to extend than phpbb or mediawiki. thanks for your responses… i am very serious about making gentoo and its derivatives understandable, user friendly etc… chromeos is portage thus my quest.

    unlimited bandwidth, unlimited time, free

    That’s a pipe dream. There’s no such thing that will hit all those AND be useful. You have to pay for this stuff.

    you see what im getting at? i have an imageshack / photobucket alternative that meets those needs, however i have no method to insert my links of images hosted elsewhere.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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