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  • Plugin Author Steve Truman


    Hello Shannon

    Basically you have given the plugin a 1 star review because you cannot get the advanced features you want for your store – for free. Now let me think about this – You are running a store that sells products – how many of your products do you give away for free?

    Do you get customers giving you 1 star reviews because you don’t give your products away? Probably not – so why do you think it is ok to do that here? Yes there are more advanced features and lifetime priority support available for a small once only fee? I just can’t work out your logic here.

    Re this
    “can’t do anything with this without upgrading”

    That is not true and you know it. This is what the Free Version of the plugin allows you to do on your store.

    Product Page Rule: Hide ‘Add to Cart’

    * Apply the Hide ‘Add to Cart’ Rule not logged in users
    * Apply the Hide ‘ Add to Cart’ Rule by user role to logged in users.

    Product Page Rule: Show Email Inquiry Button

    * Apply Rule ‘Show Email Inquiry Button’ to logged in users.
    * Apply Rule “Show Email Inquiry Button’ by user Role to logged in users

    Email Product Inquiry Features
    * Instantly add a Product Email Inquiry button to every product page.
    * Option to use hyperlinked text instead of a Button.
    * Email Inquiry form is a pop up form. It is a beautifully elegant Email Product Inquiry solution that takes up no room on your product page.
    * Mobile responsive Pop-up auto resizes to any phone screen size – portrait or landscape.
    * Email Contact form breaks down to show beautifully in any mobile device.
    * Use ‘Rules and Roles’ setting to customize who can see the Email

    * Inquiry button once they are logged in.
    — Set the receiver email address.
    — Set a receiver cc email address
    * Fully customizable Sent success message shows as a pop-up on screen after inquiry is submitted.
    * Use the WordPress text editor (WYSIWYG and HTML) to style the success message (see image under the Screenshots tab on this page).

    Shannon – That is the Features that the Free version of the plugin adds – for some users it is all the features they need – in fact for over 2,000 active users that is the case.

    Many more shop owners want more features and we offer 3 different versions of the plugin – each one adds more features – we have many more Users than the Free version users who are happy to pay the once only fee to get those additional features for their store and developer priority support.

    You know why they are happy to pay – because they run a business – and they realize that it is worth spending some money to get the functionality they want – because they know it will convert more ‘lookers’ on their site to ‘buyers’ and customers and make them money, in fact many more times than what they are investing to get the feature they want.

    What they do not do is Jump on here and give the Free version of the plugin a 1 star review because it does not have the feature they want.

    Re this
    ‘support is terrible’

    That is correct – there is no support for the Free version – we cannot provide the Free script and maintain it and also provide free support for it. Again we are a business – just like you are running a business – I don’t know how much you give away for free on your shop?

    And we are upfront about this on the Free version description – see here – this is highlighted in a blue box on the description

    = Premium Support =

    The a3rev team does not provide support for the WooCommerce Email Inquiry and Cart Options plugin on the forums. One on one developer support is available via the plugins a3rev support forum to people who have purchased a Pro Version License.

    The Pro Versions of this plugin have lots of extra features that coupled with developer support might be well worth your investment!

    That is all –

    Steve – a3rev founder and team leader

    Perhaps if you spent half the time you just spent writing that long-winded response to my review and the additional time on the phone call harassing me because I didn’t give you the review you wanted, and invested that time in answering a few support questions on the forum, you would’ve saved us all the time and hassle of discussing this at all.

    Plugin Author Steve Truman


    Hi Shannon – I actually just looked at the WooCommerce Email Inquiry and Cart Options Free Version support forum

    The last support request was 3 months ago – and I don’t see any support request ever posted by you.

    That would debunk the point you are pushing that the 1 star review was because you got no support. Lets be honest – It is actually that you could not get the features you wanted in the Free version that you gave the plugin a 1 star review.

    Yes I rang you – you advertize a link to your business site on your WordPress profile. Shannon your phone number is in the header of your website developer site – that is an invitation to call you. Which I did.

    Turns out you are an Australian Web developer (as am I) who builds sites for businesses – which I assume you do for money?

    As you said in our call – you are not a coder – but you expect me / us (and all developers) to write and maintain code and give you all the features you need – and we should never charge anything and should provide you and all users lifetime priority support for free.

    Ok so if you expect that from us – I assume that is what you give your customers.

    If you do build websites for Australian businesses for free – and then maintain and support those websites for free for life – just let me know and I will send you any number of clients. I am serious – Just let me know if your services are free and I will forward you some new clients.


    You don’t have time to support your products? But you have time to debate people on forums to justify that position?
    You’ve got your priorities wrong pal!

    Plugin Author Steve Truman


    Shannon please show me where you requested support on the forum pal

    Plugin Author Steve Truman


    No there’s no support request, never has been a support request. So we get a 1 star review for “support is terrible” …. Go figure!

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