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  1. Tommy White
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am not knowledgeable enough to code anything from start to finish but I manage to get by. With that said what I am trying to do is take a template that I have and modify it to use oembed directly.

    Right now I have a form where people fill it out by adding a direct link to their favorite video. In return once saved WP uses oembed and converts it and then saves it as a post and the video plays fine.

    I have a template that has a featured video section where it displays a box with the most recent videos added. It pulls in the thumbnails fine but it will not parse a standard URL like WP does if someone puts it in a post because it wants standard iframe emebed code.

    All it consists of is a video_embed field where <iframe blah blah blah> gets posted to and then it shows up on the home page as intended.

    How can I get the same functionality of the "post oembed" feature to carry over to my template page? So that my video_embed field just has a standard link, converts it and displays it?

    Sorry if none of that makes sense :( Hope I explained it well enough.

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