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    I have been following this post to install WordPress on Windows 2008 / IIS 7 / MySQL. Everything has gone well and the components have been installed. I have the default WordPress 2.7.1 theme enabled for testing.

    However, here is my unusual problem. If I open up on the server IE and point it to http://localhost, the WordPress site comes up fine.

    If I am at a different machine, and bring up the site in a web browser using http://servername, I can see the site but it lacks graphics or proper formatting, as if the CSS isn’t being applied properly. Also, when I highlight the main blog’s title, it actually links to http://localhost, even though I am at a remote machine. This is driving me nuts. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Visit Options -> General and put in real URL addresses instead of anything with “localhost” in it 🙂

    Oh my God… that was so easy it was painful and embarrassing. LOL. Thank you very much for your help!!!

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