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  • I was experimenting with the_meta template tag and this is what I got for results:

    <!-- Testing Meta -->
    <ul class='post-meta'>
    <li><span class='post-meta-key'>Fred:</span> Fred says boo</li>
    <li><span class='post-meta-key'>keywords:</span> internet,internet on airplanes,airplanes,air,web,surf,star,star aviation,boeing</li>
    <li><span class='post-meta-key'>Sally:</span> Sally says boo</li>
    <li><span class='post-meta-key'>_tc_post_encoding:</span> wptexturize</li>
    <li><span class='post-meta-key'>_tc_post_format:</span> wpautop</li>

    I added the Fred and Sally lines as part of my test of the_meta() tag, and I have a Keywords and Text Control Plugins installed, which looks like the rest of the Custom Fields info…but why should that information show up in the post-meta?

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  • “which looks like the rest of the Custom Fields info”

    They don’t just look like them, they are just like them. There’s no difference in a custom field’s meta data, no matter if you or a plugin added them—especially to the_meta(), which is a little on the dim side for discriminating this sort of thing. For extracting information based on key or value data, I’d look at what plugins are out there:

    Thanks. Is there any hope of expanding the_meta() tag in the future, so it can be more…discriminating?

    There’s always hope. It spring eternal, you know.

    OK, I think I understood what you said but I’m hoping there’s a clearer resolution to this problem by now.

    For this page:

    I am trying to use a custom field in the webpage title (<title></title>) so I don’t have to rely on the post title.

    The value of the custom field is: “Web Page Content Writing, Development, SEO, Design”

    But here is what it comes out as:

    <title><ul class=’post-meta’>

  • <span class=’post-meta-key’>webpagetitle:</span> Web Page Content Writing, Development, SEO, Design
  • &ltli&gt<span class=’post-meta-key’>_wp_page_template:</span> landing.php

    Where did all that other stuff come from? There are no other custom fields on that page.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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