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  • Hi all,

    I recently attempted updating my permalink structure from the default to custom (/%category%/%postname%/). After the change, every page then lost some graphics but the url name did change.

    I called my host server to check for compatibility issues between the server and htaccess setup based upon the suggestions at Everything appears to be fine.

    I then used only /%postname%/ in the permalink custom box. This change fixed most of the issues except for the entries that are “pages.” Entries listed as posts seem to now work fine.

    As an example, Not working. is working.

    I am using the most current version of WordPress 2.9.1. and am updating any older plugins right now. If one of the plugins appears to be the culprit, I will delete this message. My server is Linux.

    Sadly, I am not a tech, so all this is very confusing for me. I would be grateful for any suggestions.

    Thank you in advance,

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  • After updating all the plugins, now all of the pages are not working

    Hi esmi,

    Sadly, the link is mostly working but there are a number of graphics that are no longer working (specifically from the “images” folder).

    In the white bar directly below the header there should be three graphics and the words “Travel”, “Write”, “Live.” with rollovers. Now the graphics are gone (as well as a bunch of others) and there are now blue links in the headers and the return to the home page (in the upper left corner) returns to a 404 error page.

    Any thoughts?

    The top three graphics are rendered using javascript but the image links look incorrect to me – eg:

    The blue links are showing because your link images are not being loaded. The return to home link is pointing to

    My guess is that you need to replace some of the hardcoded urls in your theme and/or scripts.

    Thank you very much, esmi,

    I will look into this.

    Are there any instructions to do this? I don’t think I found them here,


    Unfortunately, it’s a custom theme issue. You need to stop using hardcoded links wherever possible in favour of template tags and WP constants.

    Thank you esmi,

    Fortunately, I have a designer who hopefully can help with this.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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