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  • Oh, this also happen in Opera.

    Here is the line of source code as it appears on the uppercase page:

    <div class="alignleft"><a href="" >&laquo; Older Entries</a></div>

    Here is the line of source code as it appears on the lowercase page:

    <div class="alignleft"><a href="" >&laquo; Older Entries</a></div>

    This appears to be the only link thus effected.


    Still broken. Any help out there?

    Well one answer would be ‘Move it from InkWell to inkwell.’

    URIs are case sensitive.

    Case sensitivity in URL’s is handled at the server level. My server is non-case sensitive. WP is adding an extra folder level in when the originating URL uses the lowercase version. This seems to be a problem with the way the URL’s (links) are generated by WP/PHP. I’m just not clear how that works.

    Surely there is a way to advise WP that my URL is InkWell and not inkwell. It’s adding that in somewhere. (It’s making a bad assumption maybe.)

    The only alternative I could come up with was adding in a auto-forward (from one case to the other), but since Windows isn’t case sensitive I’d have to do a little research on how to go about that. (I can’t just put an html file which fowards to the primary case from the secondary because Windows will view the folder inkwell as identical to InkWell and won’t allow them to coexist.)

    I ran another bit of testing.

    Every other link WP generates will change the URL from inkwell to InkWell without adding anything but what ought to be added. It is only for the Older Entries (and the Newer Entries) link that this oddity exists.

    This really looks like a bug to me.

    In your WP settings, do you have the URL as inkwell or InkWell?

    FYI, no matter if you put in inkwell, INKwell, INKWell, etc, if it’s NOT InkWell, it goes weird. I’d need to find someone else’s WP on Windows setup to poke before I said it was WP or your server config.

    Frankly the easiest answer (in my mind) is to rename InkWell to inkwell. Yeah, it may be WP, but I suspect this would crop up more often if it were. Lowercase is preferred with web pages anyway.

    Well, I will test this but I think the result will be that the problem will be reversed.

    I tend to post my URL so it reads because I think this is easier for humans to parse and remember than the fully lowercase version. Windows automatically switches the S/U/R to s/u/r but for whatever reason it leaves the I/W alone.

    Maybe there is a way to tell Windows to re-case all requests (all segments)–I’ll have to look into that.

    But, yeah, clearly WP is making a mistake somewhere. Do you know how to file a bug report? – Log in with the ID/Password used here.

    Now, ‘Windows’ not changing InkWell to inkwell makes me think your blog URL in WordPress has the funky caps and that’s why it’s weird.

    Also, there’s Case Insensitive Permalinks Plugin for WordPress. But I don’t know if that would work.

    If this was unix, I’d say make an .htaccess to redirect :/

    That may be easier for humans to parse, but not computers. Of course, I can make the name of a link I enter look anyway I want; for example, but, as you will notice, the actual url is

    @ipstenu advice is good…you will have fewer problems if you consider it.

    I have noticed something that may be significant. The URL which WP offers is:

    In fact we can remove /inkwell/index.php and this link will function correctly:

    None of my other links include this additional path information.

    Does this tell us anything new? Bring us any close to a resolution?

    I still would like to know what your wordpress URL and blog URL is set to on wp-admin/options-general.php

    I know this is well-meant advice but I will explain the problem with doing that.

    I have posted on the web (hundreds of times) my URL using the caps. My server has no problem dealing with the caps. It even re-normalizes the domain name (for both my SoundUnReason domain and my JamesIsIn domain)–auto-magically.

    If I change the name of the folder, the lowercase version of the URL will function as expected. However, the caps version will then be broken (as would any caps combination of the URL) according to my original post. This does not solve the problem; it moves it.

    The problem is not that I used two capital letters. That’s a legitimate URL. The problem is what WP does with the URL if it differs from the caps arrangement it anticipates–for these two links.

    This does not effect any other links WP generates.

    I’m not a PHP expert or I could go into the code and look at that which generates a link like my Darkly Glasses link v that which generates these two links. (I could look at them now but I’m not sure I’d understand what the problem is.)

    If I change the name of the folder, the lowercase version of the URL will function as expected. However, the caps version will then be broken (as would any caps combination of the URL) according to my original post. This does not solve the problem; it moves it.

    My best advice is to do just that…move the problem by changing the name of the folder(s) and then dump your database, do a search/replace on your sql file to change all the caps combination to lower case, then drop your original tables and import the corrected database.

    I’m no expert either, but it seems to me this would address the problem and you would be able to get back to blogging and not have to deal with this. Just my opinion and the way I would address it if it were my problem.

    You understand that will make my problem worse, right?

    When I post my URL I use the modified case. The only time anyone will actually visit my blog using the lowercase version is if I have forgotten to modify it or they happen to type it in manually. And then they will only be effected if they happen to then scroll to the bottom of the page and use that Older (or Newer) link.

    If I change it then everyone who visits my blog from one of these links will find that link broken.

    Currently this issue is not likely to effect very many visitors. If I change the case it will have the potential to effect nearly all of them.

    Beyond that, the proposed workaround ignores the fact that something is clearly broken. If this problem were effecting all the links WP generated then I could see things differently. But it’s only this one (or two) links. Something is wrong with the code used to generate those links and only those links.

    This really looks like a bug. Probably very minor and not likely to effect many users, but equally likely very simple to track down and fix.

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