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  • mjwood


    Well, last night I got my new theme polished and ready to use on my actual site. Installed it, and all was well. Went through the normal validation of both XHTML and CSS and called it a night.

    My Blog

    This morning, I decided to run a speed test on it to ensure I wasn’t causing unrealistic download times for my users.

    Speed Report

    This is just my personal blog, so it’s really not too exciting — but it seems that all images are 33003 bytes. This is absurd as when I look at the images, they are very small. One is even a smily face.

    I treid the speed report on other sites running wordpress and it seems that it correctly gets the object sizes for those sites. I also tried it on another one of the pages hosted on my site and it was fine — so it’s not my host, and it’s not always wordpress.

    Is this an anomoly? (Someone with a dialup connection confirm this?) Or is there some setting in my wordpress config that is messed up?

    Thanks for any help!

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  • mjwood


    Still experiencing the problem.

    I tried running the same speed report on my journal of a hike my wife and I completed. There are multiple images so it seemed like a good comparison. Also hosted on the same server.

    Hiking Page

    I ran the same speed report and it actually seemed to work just fine.

    Speed Report Results

    The images on this page are somewhat large and the values seemed right on.

    So why do all my images served by WP seem to be the same size? I’m truely puzzled.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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