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  1. marktwainwhite
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Over the past few months I have had a series of "USERS" sign up with the same pattern of names and email addresses. They follow this pattern:

    User: eff3455f email: xiaoi.159@gmail.com
    User: gdd84500 email: fdon21a@120.com

    I am assuming this is some sort of hack attempt or something. The are all listed as user, none has hacked in as Admin.

    To tell you the truth I have looked thru my site and in cannot find out where they are finding a command that lets them sign up as a user at all. (I am not a power user of WordPress obviously).

    I DO use the Subscribe plug-in from Jetpack and have subscibers from that plug-in. But I don't understand what is happening with the USER sign up.

    The site is sipe.com/jupiterridge . Jupiterridge.com forwards to this address.

  2. I've had this happen to me in the past too. I think that this is a hack, but it's nothing major. Having said that it would be best if you changed all of your passwords. Deleted the users obviously and made sure that your WordPress version and all your plugins are up to date.

    There's a great Free ebook that discusses how you can improve the security of your WordPress site. It's a great read and might help prevent this from happening again -

  3. Amy Hendrix (sabreuse)

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Your site is currently set up to allow users to register accounts on the site -- you can turn that off at Settings > General > Membership.

    Given that registration is open to all, it isn't a hack. At worst, it's a bot running around signing up bogus accounts for everything and anything.

  4. marktwainwhite
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thank you both very much for your help.

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