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    In every theme except Twenty-Twelve, the browser for WP-Catalogue is position underneath the category browser instead of to the right. On top of that, the images don’t adjust to fit the square containers properly.

    Probably is something I am doing but can anyone offer advice or has anyone else seen this issue.

    This appears to be a great plugin. I hope to resolve this issue as I really want to use it 🙂


    Photo of problem

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  • Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    I can see from the screenshot that the products can’t fit in the right div so they’re jumping down and breaking the layout. There are several solutions:

    1. You could reduce the number of products in each row (via Settings)

    2. You could reduce the size of the thumbnails (via Settings)

    3. You could adjust your theme css to allow for a larger space.

    Or you could do a combination of the above… just a matter of mucking about with it to get it displaying how you want.

    Hope this helps

    Hi there,

    I appreciate the response. I changed to 2 products per column and all sizes to 50.

    This is the result. The products are still underneath the menu. Happens in all themes except twenty twelve.

    I’ve tried editing css but still cant get it.

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Please can you send a link to the actual site so I can see?

    Lots of other people use the plugin with no problems and I can’t replicate the error in any theme so this is definitely a problem with your configuration or something specific to your site – if you send a link I can look at the code and try to offer some help

    Hi again.

    I sure do appreciate the support. I think that is great. I think this is an outstanding plugin and would really like to use it. I will feel dumb if it is just a css issue.

    Brand new installation of wordpress and I havent changed anything.

    I would be happy to supply user name and pass if you require.

    I see know that you can adjust the width of

    #wpc-col-2 {
    width: 712px;
    float: left;

    but notice what happens when you expand a product.

    Note: I have this happen on all themes, not just this one.

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    You can reduce the width of your #wpc-col-2 (do it in your theme css and mark !important to override the plugin css)

    But actually the layout problems on this site are being caused because of your responsive theme – I’m afraid this is definitely a css coding issue which you need to solve in your theme.

    Remember this plugin is designed so you can style it however you want in the theme css… so if you need it to be responsive you will need to apply styles to do this

    I think I may have hit a similar problem with the website I am working on. It is a responsive theme (swagger). Everthing is off to the left. Not sure if I am setting the template correctly. I have tried a few things like permalinks. Any ideas?

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Sorry guys this plugin isn’t designed to be responsive out-of-the-box so if you’re using it in a responsive theme you’ll need to make some adjustments via your theme css so that it behaves correctly

    This is not a slam against the developer. Don’t take it that way. But I tried the plugin in over 15 different themes, half responsive and half not, and never got it to work as shown in the demo, except for in the twenty-twelve theme – which is responsive. Aside from the menu and right column layout issue (which I do undersand is a css issue on my part) the entire sidebar disappears when expanding a product. When expanding a product info, the menu is no where to be found and a bunch of random text shows up. I tried this on three separate installations of wordpress.

    I am not upset (I did not pay for this plugin) but was really wanting to use it. I just thought it would work more’out-of-the-box’ as displayed on the demo site.

    Like I said though, this is not a shot at the developer. The support and email responses were great, and too me, I appreciate that way more. A+ for support! 🙂 The true problem with my experience is my non-ability to style it with css.

    Having the same problem. I need to know what to paste and where to paste it to fix this problem. Any help?

    When I tried to fix another issue (wanted to change the green color on the categories) I went into the css in the plug-in editor and changed the green color to my own color, but nothing happened. It’s there, but no changes on site.

    Please help

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Add the following code to your theme css

    #wpc-col-2 {
    width: 692px !important;
    float: left;

    I think there must be something going on in your specific install – like something on your server or some other plugin or script causing a conflict because I can install this on pretty much any WP theme and it works fine as per demo out of the box. In some cases you would have to adjust the css (eg the above example for @heatherbynum). I’d be happy to look into your site further to try to see what the problem could be? If I can isolate the error and replicate then obviously it would then be something wrong in the plugin that I can fix up for everyone which is helpful to know about. Feel free to email me privately if you’d like me to look into it further for you –

    This solution worked perfectly!

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Cool! 🙂 If you’re happy with the plugin it’s really helpful if you can give a nice rating/review here. Thanks.

    Could you please tell me what to do about the “All Products” tab? Upon first viewing the page that contains the catalog the visitor can see all products, but once they click on another tab,, and then go back to the “All Products” tab, it stays on whatever tab they just clicked on before that. You can see what I mean here


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