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  1. Mr_Scientist
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm currently experiencing some really funny behaviour with the WordPress custom image cropping tool.

    There is an existing image on the site which I've tried custom cropping using the 'edit image' feature. When custom cropping the preview comes up with the crop that I selected, upon saving the image, the saved crop then appears as a scaled down version of the original image.

    To test, I then uploaded a new image, this was cropped successfully.

    Once this was done, the previously mentioned image which was cropped unsuccessfully I deleted, confirming it's removal by checking for any originals by checking through my 'uploads' folder using FTP. I then uploaded the same image, using a different image name this time, only for the same problem to happen again.

    The unsuccessfully cropped image is to the same ratio as the successfully cropped image. In my functions I've made sure that image thumbnails have been activated and specified a size, which I've also set in my WordPress settings screen.

    I'm currently at a loss to understand why this is happening.

  2. Mr_Scientist
    Posted 3 years ago #

    To update -

    I've reverted to the original Twentyeleven theme and deactivated all plugins and this problem still seems to be occurring. That makes me think that it could be a problem with WordPress itself?

  3. Mr_Scientist
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Ok so after some more investigation I think I've got the same problem as these guys on here -

    I have found that when cropping much larger sizes it will actually crop fine, but when it is very near or indeed the exact same crop size as my set dimension the cropping tool fails

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