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  • When using Conditional Widgets plugin, I’m experiencing an odd bug when using Firefox with Roboform form filler plugin active while viewing the Widgets settings page. Firefox will lockup and give an error dialog window for the Roboform script. the only way to exit is to click the Continue button and immediately close the browser tab or, if only tab, the browser window. If I deactivate either Roboform or Conditional Widgets, the error fails to appear and the Widgets settings page operates as usual.
    This ONLY occurs with the Firefox browser, I’ve tested IE, Chrome and Opera, with no issue. This has been reported to Roboform, and they appear to be interested in resolving the issue. I plan to notify Firefox, but my past experience with them has been, shall we say, non-committal at best.

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  • Heya – thanks for letting me know about this.

    However, I’ll let you know that I’m probably not going to do anything about this, as this is just something I wrote for my own use and made available. There’s no way I can reasonably test/debug it with every Firefox addon, etc.

    If you figure anything out, please let me know back and if there’s a small change I can make, I can probably do that.

    One question: are you sure it’s actually Conditional Widgets that is doing this, and not just the fact that when Conditional Widgets is enabled, and you have a good amount of widgets on your screen, and have a lot of pages and/or categories, that your webpage has LOTS of input elements on it, and that – in conjunction with roboform – is what making FireFox crash?

    Try this:
    Save the page source from your widgets screen, and count how many instances of “<input” are on it. Then make a simple page that is just that many checkboxes, and try viewing it with roboform enabled. Does THAT crash?


    Please note that I did not say that it was the fault of Conditional Widgets. This is merely an observation that the behavior only occurs when Firefox and Roboform were used in combination with WordPress and Conditional Widgets. I can’t say I tested all iterations, but I did test enough variables to narrow it down to that specific combination. No other implications are intended or implied.

    With any other browser the condition does not present itself. And to be honest, I only use this plugin in a very limited fashion on a couple websites. Given that set of facts, I don’t plan to spend any more time debugging your program or Firefox or Roboform or WordPress.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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