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    So you can see this if you go to

    I updated AFTER I found this problem hoping it would fix ti (from 3.4 to 3.4.1) but no luck.

    I can create a post, but it shows itself as abox on the blog page. Also, even if you do click on it to go tot the individual post, it is not here, jsut the se box.

    There is virtually no customized code on this site and I ahve not touched it except to upgrade plugins and versions in months with a post here and there (which worked correctly). Anyone have this issue??
    Current theme is Suffusion when I switch to another theme, the blog shows up correctly (but of course the site is a mess amd I would have to go about rebranding the whole thing. Anyone see this and is ther an easy fix?

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  • seems to be caused by double-use of a .tag-adopt css class;

    the last post is tagged with ‘adopt’, and has therefore the post_class .tag-adopt;

    but there is also some other code which uses the same css class;
    in a plugin’s style:

    .tag-adopt {background: url(tag-adopt.png)no-repeat;width:120px; height:50px;color:#444;display:table;float:right;font:italic normal 18px georgia;margin:100px 0 0 -10px;padding:8px 28px 20px 32px;position:absolute;text-transform:capitalize;z-index:1000;}

    try to deactivate that ‘ada’ plugin to see if that solves the problem.

    or try and edit the slug of the ‘adopt’ tag …

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