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  • Kyle,

    Having problems with some of the H.264 encoding halting part way through and after while stating “no log file created”.

    Also running into it halting on the OGV format as well

    They make it about 50-75% and then halt.

    ffmpeg version according to version file on server is 1.0 not sure if this can be updated or if its the problem, web host did some major server upgrades recently.

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  • Plugin Author Kyle Gilman


    Version 1.0 of FFMPEG is fairly recent and should work fine. How long are your videos? Does it seem like a consistent amount of time passes from when encoding starts to when it stops? If you’re getting that error it’s because the log file disappeared while it was encoding, but I can’t think of a good reason for that to happen.

    videos are about 3 minutes, I am going to try to recompress them and see if that may fix it. they stop after about the same amount of time compressing. I also will check permissions on my folders. is the log file created in the same folder where the videos are?

    I’m also getting the following error when I go to my media folder in wordpress and click on my video file.

    Warning: Division by zero in /home/kearneym/public_html/kearneymedia/wp-content/plugins/video-embed-thumbnail-generator/video-embed-thumbnail-generator.php on line 1772



    I also have trouble with the plugin.

    Trying with both FFMPEG and Libav, compiled manually with all necessary libs.

    The thumbnailer works fine.

    When I press encode in the media page for a WMV file, I am told “Starting FFMPEG…. “, then “Encoding x264…” and finally “No log file”. All those three steps happen within three seconds.
    When going to Tools > Encolde Queue, I can see it hangs there, and if I press update, it says “updating … in queue…” and still “no log file”.

    All I can say is, it looks like FFMPEG does what it should, since it generates thumbs. But no conversions are produced. Permissions are set correctly and all other plugins Work fine. FFMPEG Works fine in CLI.

    What gives?
    (EDIT: This is on Debian Squeeze)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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