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  • Hi, I’m using HS version 1.1 and WP 3.5 with Notepad theme at and it’s behavior is kind of weird… randomly the images of Header Slideshow appear over the site header (h1 tag, subtitle and even part of the “body” content), but sometimes it shows up well and fine… why’s that?

    The odd part is that every other image it works ok then not ok, and repeat like that forever…

    I’m margin-topping my page content negatively (about -200px I think) so it sits atop the header slideshow, I also tried poking around with z-indexes but to no avail so far, any hint, guidance or help is appreciated!

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  • Hmm solved, I guess. I have changed div.current’s z-index from 999 to -1, but I feels this is not the best way to fix it? I heard about some browsers (i.e. old Firefox versions) not behaving exactly equal regarding z-index -1.

    I am usomg WP 3.1.4 – I downloaded and installed plug in and it immediately started to work (not with my photos but other photos) it also was not in the header section – but above it by about 200px.

    I am going to try and get into the code insert my own pictures and see what happens. I had to deactivate the plugin inorder to see my site properly.

    As I am a new user to Dreamweaver this may be my fault…thanks for developing the plugin.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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