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    Hi and congrats on the update, such a handy plugin – and so nice to have it all up to date now, thankyou =)

    There’s an interesting notification though, which has just popped up. It’s undismissable.

    “Genesis Visual Hook Guide is currently active. If this is a Weavingion site, remember to deactivate after use.”

    I’m not sure but quite likely it’s popped up due to the word ‘weaving’ being part of my domain name?

    If you could give me a snippit to shut it down I’d appreciate it =)


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  • Plugin Author Christopher Cochran


    @someonebutwhere Thanks!

    That is very strange that it changed the word ‘production’ to the name of your site. Not sure why that could happen, but you may have some code that runs on translatable strings to change the word ‘production’ to your site name?

    But to remove this notice you can use the snippet below.

    remove_action( 'admin_notices', 'gvhg_active_notice' );

    Thread Starter someonebutwhere


    @cochran Thanks for you reply =)

    Ah that makes sense now! I have a translate on product to weaving…

    Since I’m using the Code Snippets plugin (which also rules) I was able just to tell it to run the translate on the front end, so now your notice reads normally. Thanks for the means to kill this though, will come in handy I’m sure.

    One more question – why should it be disabled on a production site? I can’t find the answer on your plugin’s page.

    I’ve just started using filters so this was a great little learner for me.

    Cheers! =)

    Plugin Author Christopher Cochran


    @someonebutwhere you are very welcome.

    You also do make a good point, I probably should also add the reason into the plugin description somewhere.

    The reason however is to show the hooks in the page, it does insert content into the page. This is only added when ?gvhg_hooks=show and other triggers are added to the url, but in the chance those urls somehow do get indexed, you don’t want google to crawl the page with the hooks of genesis sprinkled throughout. It can be run on production, but just as a precaution, when not actively checking for where to hook something I would just disabled it and re-enable when need.

    Have fun learning filters and hooks! They can be extremely powerful. I am glad this plugin is a great help :).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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