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  • Hi all,

    I’m trying to find people that have experience with the octofirst theme. I’m having problems finding slider data and widget data in the SQL database. Apparently all table names are different and my knowledge of WordPress is still limited and the people that build the site cannot be reached.

    It all started with the slider. There was a typo in it and when I looked it up in the post it turned out to have no data except for a title. I ended up making a new slide and switched off the old one. However, in the SQL database there is no data either, but they show up on the site just fine. It’s not in one of the php files either so where is it?

    The sidebar widget problem is comparable. There is a typo in the URL. It consists of 4 buttons each linking to a location on our site but one returns a 404 error. I’ve queried the entire database but there appears to be no link between the widget and the URL.

    I understand Octofirst is not the most recent theme but I’m hoping to keep it running for the time being. We are a Non Profit organisation so we are on a tight budget. Does anyone know how to change the URL in the Octofirst widget or where the data for the sliders go?

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  • Hi, I’m having a similiar problem and also using Octofirst. Did you get a resolution?

    Hi Caroline,

    I’ll get back to you in a view hours. I’m at work at the moment. What part of the described problems do we share?

    (the first post was posted from my workaccount, this is my personal account)

    Hi, I am unable to amend the text to the left side of the photo on my home page
    The text is “So you have more time to do the things….”
    I used to be able to amend this text although I recall it being in an odd location. My website creator has been unable to help me with this. I would have thought I could update it in Octofirst Options under text customisations, homepage configuration or slider settings however it doesn’t appear. The title for this area is under slider settings though and I can amend that. I can’t locate anything under posts either.
    From what I read and understood of your post I thought this sounded like the same issue.
    Thanks for any assistance!
    Kind regards, Caroline

    From the distance I can say that

    Most probably the theme specific settings would be found in the wp_options table. However, most of the themes save their settings using the add_option or update_option methods that save the settings in a JSON kinda format. Manually playing with the field values directly in the database may corrupt all the settings if you are not careful about updating the content length attribute of the field as well.

    I don’t have access to the octofirst theme so this is my assumption based on most of the themes I have been through

    Kind Regards

    Hi Caroline,

    Go to posts, open the slider you want to change then click at the top of the screen on the screen options button and tick the “custom Fields” box. At the bottom of the screen you will now see extra fields that display the data from the slider. You can just edit it there.

    Good Luck,

    Hi Maarten,
    Thanks soooo much! That is exactly what I needed and matches with what I recalled. All sorted. Thanks again!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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