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    Has anybody encountered what appears to be a glitch in get_calendar during the month of October? Specifically, the month navigation at the bottom, which should point to September, just points back to October.

    An example is here:

    If you manually navigate to September, it displays correctly:

    But once you’re back in October, you’re stuck there. Any ideas? Is anybody else experiencing this, or is it just my site – and if so, any ideas for where to look for cause/solution?

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  • Figured it out. For the record, the problem comes from entering a post in one month but forward-time-stamping it for the next month. In this case, a post was entered in September but dated for October; when the date arrived, the calendar looked at the date the post was entered, not the timestamp. So you have to open the post, check “edit timestamp” and save it.

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