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    Hello, tell me how you can set the background color of blog entries in the theme OceanWP !? Just for widgets, I found and put the background color, but I can’t find it for the blog, tell me how to implement it!? I tried to go to the address “Settings ▸ Blog ▸ Blog entries” but there is nothing on the choice of color!?

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • You can use a seo plugin to do this.

    You tell me which one, so as not to harm!?

    You can use the Yoast seo plugin.

    He is standing. But I can’t figure out how to do this!?

    Amit Singh


    Go to Dashboard > SEO > Title and Meta settings and edit it as per your need. We don’t provide support for third party plugin. So please contact the plugin support about this issue.

    Also, please open a new topic for a new issue which will also help others if they have a similar issue.



    Hello! Please tell me if there is an opportunity when changing the style of the blog to change the display of some lines and make the selection of the total size of blogs!? Here, for example, in Photoshop I did a mapping:
    So that the line “comments, group, date” is displayed not as it is now, but at the very bottom of the block …, and the line about the author opposite the link “Continue reading” !?
    And is it possible with this style to set one block size so that they do not appear as one is larger now, the second is smaller, etc.!?
    Thank you!

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    Tell me if there is an opportunity to add icons and display a little differently !? Here is the “comments” icon on how to remove the text itself, leaving only the number of comments:!? And I think everyone will be attracted by the number of views of the article, is it possible to add an icon with an eye, opposite which the number of views of this article will be displayed !?

    Hi, try this plugin (using a shortcode):

    Yes, thanks you with this plugin i can make settings and display everything! But what about the comments, how to remove the text but leave the link to go to them!? I can put

    <? Php echo get_comments_number ();?>

    but then there no link !?

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    Hello, tell me if there is an opportunity to split the recording page a little !? Those. so that each element is separated from the other, and not as it is now all assembled in one !? Here is an example on the screen:

    And as I noticed a similar after the search: It would be nice if all the articles found were not collected into one blog, but divided among themselves! Tell me if there is an opportunity to do so !?

    Now on the site I have made all the changes that we often discussed here! Thank you very much!
    But tell me what to do with the pages of posts, and search! I want to change their display! So that when you open the entry, the title with the text and comments are not on the same white background, are separated! So that the visitor can see that everything is in its place!
    It also turns out by search. When we look for something, the records to be found should be displayed separately, and not on the same background!
    I was looking for options on how to do this, but it doesn’t work, tell me please! Thank you!

    Or tell me on the demo site:
    To make the site look like this, my just need to make settings or buy something!

Viewing 13 replies - 91 through 103 (of 103 total)
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