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  • The Unofficial WP 1.5 Themes List continues to grow [close to 250 now] and now that I have had time to change servers, speed things up a bit and sort a few initial hiccups out of the way, I can now turn to some other issues.

    1. The occasional theme breaks out of the theme switcher list and shows all the information in the css. I cannot see the reason as to why though. For instance, the Taft theme is doing it at the moment but it looks as if it is all in place? Any ideas as to why it may happen?

    2. What do people think of the list? Any use? Waste of time? Criticisms- suggestions?

    Thanks 🙂

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  • This is caused by extra “newlines” or whatthehellever they’re called in the commented top section of the style.css file. Instead of what’s there now, use the following (between the css comment tags): /* Theme Name: Taft 1.0
    Theme URI:
    Description: A WordPress 1.5 theme designed to recreate the look and feel of an old paper journal. FOR THE PURPOSE OF LOOK & FEEL, IT IS HEAVILY DEPENDANT ON THE LTZapfino FONT, SUPPLIED BY DEFAULT ON OS X OR COCHIN-ITALIC. If neither is installed, the theme will try to use either the browser's cursive default or italicized serif default.
    Author: Denis Somar
    Author URI:

    Taft 1.0

    This theme was designed and built by Denis Somar,
    whose blog you will find at

    The CSS, XHTML and design is released under GPL:

    It certainly can be enhanced, and it will be. Stay tuned. */

    Worked for me….

    As to the list itself, it’s very usable for me. I visit frequently, since I’m a theme junkie! Great resource, thanks!

    Copied that in and it still breaks.
    It’s a bit weird and has happened with a few of the themes as there is no sense or reason with it.

    Hmm. Well, try going through it for other extra spacing – use notepad2 or phpedit or something that won’t push in extra spaces – might have picked some up just copy n pasting from here – html pages are a pain for that….

    Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    See the discussion here.

    Interesting article. Thanks Ryan.

    Pardon my ignorance but where would be the best place to place this? I tried placing it in functions.php but it gave me errors each time.

    function get_theme_data($theme_file) {
    $theme_data = implode('', file($theme_file));

    // fixing the theme page so it's deal with mac & pc
    $theme_data = preg_replace("/r/","n",$theme_data);

    shadow – I had the same problem. Open in a text editor and resave it to a new file. Everything was originaly done on a Mac, and the cr/lf are different. I had to open mine in PSPad, switch it to DOS mode and re-saved it and it worked A-OK.

    If any one has problems with it, and wants to see it in action, head on over to Tannagh Gazette, I’ve got it posted as an available theme for viewing.

    CAUTION: PLEASE do not view Taft if you are using IE. It will ruin the experience.



    Oh, as for ? #2, while it’s one helluva list, it would be nice if there was an easier way to “flip” through them all. It’s quite difficult to quickly run through them when the themes list is in a different spot each time. Maybe you could talk Alex into sharing his Theme Browser with you. It makes life Sooooo much easier, and better on your bandwidth as well.


    I understand each visitor sets a cookie as they select their favorite theme they use on a site. If that choosen theme is deleted that user will be reverted to the default Kubrick theme.

    Two questions:

    When a new visitor (no set cookie) views your site which theme is called up? Will it be default or the theme the blog author has called up?

    Secondly, it the default theme is deleted what theme will be displayed for the visitor, new or otherwise?

    Thanks in advance.

    From my limited understanding of it all Marc, any deletion of a theme or if a theme will not load correctly etc, will return the user to the chosen theme by the site owner – not necessarily Kubrick.

    A new visitor sees the theme that you chose in presentation via the admin panel.

    But I may be wrong 🙂

    Speaking from experience…. I can attest that Shadow’s assesment is correct. If the user’s selected theme suddenly goes missing, then it reverts back to the default as selected by admin.


    Thanks shadow, I vaguely remember reading it will return the visitor to default if the set cookie calls up a missing theme.

    I was just curious because I have had thoughts of deleting default Kubrick and using the side bar edition instead.

    And thank you also TechGnome, your “submit button” must work quicker than mine! 🙂

    Opps – make that “send post.” :–))

    I just can’t get this very unique theme to work. Can anyone help?

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