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  • I have tried a number of other shopping carts, but have always run into problems with them. I always go back to wp ecommerce. I find it very easy to set up and it does almost everything I require. Support is friendly and helpful too, which is very much appreciated.

    I have three suggestions for future versions (if anyone is listening out there):

    1. Maybe there’s a way to get the text to wrap on a mobile device. It is hard to read a paragraph that runs 2 characters vertically, and quite off-putting to shoppers.

    2. I find the “add to cart” button is way off to the right. I have had customers who couldn’t figure it out. It would be helpful if the button was right beside or under the select quantity box.

    3. Setting up shipping costs is really impossible to do accurately. This would be a good solution: Allow for shipping for one item, shipping for two items, and shipping for 3 items. So, if the base rate is $12 to ship one item, and a customer adds another item that could go in the same parcel, the shipping add on cost could be, for example, $4 for the second item, and maybe $2 for a third item (all set by me) so that the total shipping cost for 3 items would be $18, as opposed to $36.

    I sell on Etsy and this is how they do it, though I think they only allow 1st item, plus additional items (so,$12+$4+$4=$20). The main shipping cost always defaults to the product that has the highest amount set. They also let you specify different rates for different destinations (cananda, us, eu, asia, etc.) which is all really good for business. Myself, I am often deterred by the high shipping rates and have abandoned more that one cart over the years!

    Food for thought anyway. Thanks for the great plug-in, and all the work that has gone into it.

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