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  • Here some observations:
    Sometimes it can be interesting to use a Javascript as LINK.
    When I now create a new link and use javascript:someFunction() as link then wordpress puts an HTTP:// in front of it and the link doesnt work.
    Could be interesting if the HTTP:// would not be automatically put in front.

    2) It is nice if you can upload files. But what if you have uploaded a file, did something else, and then want to put the file soewhere into a document…..HUH….what was still the name? There suddelny a “uploaded files” viewer/manager is missing.

    3) I often use EMBED tags to put in wmv movies or even SWF files.
    For SWF files I have the problem that I can define the file, width and height in the tag…..but
    other settings like bgcolor and stuff are not accepted and interpreted as text.
    Then: After entering the EMBED tag and saving the document the EMBED is automatically closed with an /EMBED tag.
    That is an error.
    Embed tags are NOT closed with /EMBED, just as IMG are not closed with /IMG.
    That should be corrected.

    Well, just some observations 🙂

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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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