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    Following from last post

    I’ve spent a couple of hours messing with this Eazyest plugin tonight and got the gallery to show on one of my test pages, on my test site using the shortcode you gave in the last post.

    But I realised it was showing all my folders that were found in the Dashboard Eazyest Gallery menu, when in fact, I only wanted to display one specific folder on that page.

    I tried searching the Lazyest Gallery instructions for shortcodes but none seem to work when you adapt them with the Eazyest gallery shortcode at the beginning instead, as I thought seemed the intuitive thing to do (I am no coder btw).

    So I really need specific shortcodes that I can insert for Eazyest Gallery and proper instructions to talk you through using this plug in, with screenshots. (I know you are working on that btw)


    If you go to my test site and click on the ‘Camera Test’ link, which is where I am testing Camera plugin on its own, within my Premium ‘Elegant Themes’ theme, you can see what I’ve achieved so far with that plugin on its own by using the shortcode

    ‘[camera slideshow=”my-first-slideshow”]’ on that page

    and within a theme based template, showing my portfolio at the bottom, with the slideshow at the top.

    I quite like this. At least it adds a bit of dynamism to the page.

    (Not quite my Ajax dream site though with slick moving, interactive imagery – though all themes I’ve found so far with that function, are slick modern looking things and are not retro enough, hence me trying to make the best use of the Elegant theme I’ve paid for.)

    If however you go to my link ‘Eazyest Gallery Plugin Test’, there are some problems:

    E.g. Even though the template for that page should be full width, when you click into the folder for ‘wedding’, it goes back to a template view with a sidebar, thus making the camera plugin too small. Not sure why that it, but I have an about me widget on some pages and it seems to be conflicting with that.

    On that menu link also, it only displays one folder for ‘weddings’ because I haven’t added more folders in the dashboard, due to not knowing the shortcode for one specific folder of images. What would this be?

    Also, the images don’t load in numbered order, despite having numbers at the beginning of each image. How would I change the order? I have plugins that can do this for my WordPress Media Gallery but need this function for this gallery.

    And on this link also, the slideshow works from the ‘Camera’ plugin but the thumbnails when clicked as static images, lead to broken linked larger images. I don’t know why that is?

    I also don’t like the ‘breadcrumbs’ that the Eazyest Gallery plugin adds to the gallery folder when viewing:

    e.g. Home › Gallery › Wedding WM.

    I want that gone.

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  • I forgot to say that the reason I want this Gallery, is so I can just upload lots of images in batches, using FTP to my server and have a gallery that will read them and display them in a aesthetically pleasing way, ideally with the Lazyest stacks plugin but built for Eazyest Gallery instead.

    I could use Camera plugin on its own, on individual pages, as in my ‘Camera Test’ link but it doesn’t give me the Gallery function that Eazyest Gallery could potentially give me.

    Sorry for the essay but I can’t write concisely! 🙂

    Have now figured out how to fix the broken links when viewing images in folder by going to Eazyest Settings in dashboard and messing with options there but can’t get the lightbox etc options to work. Images view at various sizes but only at top left of white page.

    New thought I’ve had is : in order to actually use the Camera plugin on it’s own for the time being, whilst Eazyest gallery improves, I need to get the url path’s for each image I want to add to a slideshow manually, by clicking on individual images in either the default WP media gallery or Eazyest Gallery.

    Is there no easier way you could make the url path display on the overview page of Eazyest Gallery, where it shows lists of images, for easy transferal?

    Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    If you want to show a single folder, you may use the [eazyest_folder folder=”my-folder”] shortcode in any post or page.

    For slideshows, use [eazyest_slideshow folder=”my-folder”].
    You don’ necessarily need a separate camera plugin, because it is included in Eazyest Gallery.

    Please read the other forum posts about full width teplates.

    Add the following code to your child theme functions.php to remove the breadcrumb trail:

    function remove_eazyest_gallery_breadcrumb() {
    	remove_action('eazyest_gallery_before_attachment',     'ezg_breadcrumb', 5);
      remove_action('eazyest_gallery_before_folder_content', 'ezg_breadcrumb', 5);
    add_action( 'eazyest_gallery_ready', 'remove_eazyest_gallery_breadcrumb', 1 );

    Ok thanks for reply. I tried pasting the code above in my .css file but it is not removing the breadcrumbs.

    I’m waiting on a reply re: full width template that I’ve posted on other thread.

    The slideshow shortcode works! And puts my images in sequence, which is excellent, however, I need control over how the size of the images as they are too small, unlike separate camera plugin, which I can control these aspects. Also I wish to remove the black title pop up under each slide and change the cycling icon, so it all looks like in my ‘Camera Plugin Test’ link. Will I have to change this in the .css file? That would be harder for me as I say, I’m not a coder and really prefer visual ways to change settings.

    Thanks for help so far!

    Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    In your .css file?
    Please add it to functions.php
    You could add filters for the slideshow, but that includes more code.

    If you want help in doing that, please drop a note at:

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