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  • I use WP 203 and a strange thing happen. When I use a author account, object/embed tag disappear ! I save the post and open again, and it’s totally blank.
    When I put the object/embed code like the admin, there is no problem… Tags object/embed are forbidden to author ???

    I have seen many post on forum about object/embed problem but no one which speaks about mine…

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  • The author needs to have the wysiwyg editor disabled for it to work.

    No, having the wysiwyg editor disabled for it to work is wrong.

    I was looking into this same problem very recently and I discovered that author accounts don’t have the same priveliges as the owner account – mainly in our case, the ability to use object/embed tags.

    From the codex:


    Allows – if enabled – the user to post HTML markup or even Javascript code in posts, pages or comments.

    Note: Enabling this option for non-privileged users may result in their posting malicious code to your blog.

    I’m looking for a role manager plugin right now so I can add this unfiltered_html option to author accounts (they are already on blog owner and editor accounts).

    Thanks a lot for your anwnser. I just wondering how to enabled “unfiltered_html” ?? Where ?
    Thanks again.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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