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  • It looks like maybe you have changed your page to use a non-Contact-Form-7 form that POSTs to a non-EBD php program (process.php) in order to get things working? Is that right? That’s my best guess from looking at your page & trying it. It looks like you have the plugins installed but aren’t using a couple of them, so I suspect that’s what you did.

    As to the original problem that you ran into, it’s difficult to say without being able to see what you had before. If you want to put it back like it was I can take a look. Or, you can just try these couple of things to see:

    1. make sure the CF7 form you’re using has a field name of “your-email”. It must be that. That is the only thing that has been an issue for people upgrading from old versions of the plugins (note that it was always supposed to be “your-email” and is documented that way, but somehow it used to work even if you didn’t name it that [if you were doing inline link]).

    2. remove your download from download monitor and then reupload it. You want to get a new download_id. Then, do a “Duplicate” of your CF7 form (so you have a form with a new contact_form_id). Then, get rid of your existing EBD shortcode and replace it with a new one that has the new download_id and the new contact_form_id.

    3. try checking and unchecking the “hide/mask” option in the EBD settings (and testing after each way). If it is unchecked it will try to do a 302 Location to the browser (which might result in an Object Moved error if the download file wasn’t where it thought it should be [which should get fixed when you do #2 above). If it is checked then it will try to read the file using php and send it to the browser.

    fyi – One of the points of EBD is to give the user a download URL that is not easily memorizable and that can be expired. That is where the URL with the download.php?aBunchOfCharacters URL comes from. The point being not to give users a /download/2321 link, which they could easily share with friends and get to the download without filling out the form.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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