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    Hi, I really need som more information on how to do what.
    I have added a field with a key ‘xxx’. How do I determine the methods for this field? Where do they come from?

    The field is showing up in the list but I have no idea what it does and how. How do I test that before syncing? Can I var_dump the data somehow?

    Also object data hook field I created shows up in the list of fields even though I specifically asked for object_type product.

    What I need to accomplish is to map the term name/ID of the product.

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  • Plugin Contributor Jonathan Stegall


    I don’t provide a lot of support for the developer hooks here, but I’ll try to give some basic guidance.

    It sounds like you’re using the object_sync_for_salesforce_wordpress_object_fields filter. If not, you need to be more specific, but I’ll start with that assumption.

    This hook is meant to allow you to add fields that aren’t added in a standard WordPress way. So if you were working with the user object, this would mean user fields that are not in wp_users or wp_usermeta. The methods array means that there needs to be a WordPress function that can work similarly to the core WP methods.

    From the docs:

    array (
        'key' => 'ID',
        'table' => 'wp_users',
        'methods' => array (
            'create' => 'wp_insert_user',
            'read' => 'get_user_by',
            'update' => 'wp_update_user',
            'delete' => 'wp_delete_user'

    In this example, you can see the methods for a standard WordPress user ID field. You can create it with wp_insert_user, read it with get_user_by, update it with wp_update_user, and delete with wp_delete_user.

    What this means is that your field needs to have equivalent methods for creating, reading, updating, and deleting its value.

    And yes, you certainly can do a var_dump or error_log of any parameters that you want in this filter. It’s always a good idea.

    Plugin Contributor Jonathan Stegall


    I’m going to mark this as resolved, as it doesn’t seem like you need further help and it is about the specific functionality of developer hooks.

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