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    Have a site running WP 4.7.3 with a Genesis Framework Child theme on a dedicated server (no shared hosting)

    I was wondering if you can use an Object caching plugin and a page caching plugin without any conflicts?

    Object caching – Redis Object Cache
    Page caching – Cache Enabler

    From what I have read both are dedicated to 2 different areas so there should be no conflict, just an additive effect to speed on your site more that using just one of these.

    I am new to this and would appreciate any guidance from more experience people on this forum.


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  • Hello @xwrecon,

    Yes, you are right. Both object cache and page cache focuses are there to perform different types of work.

    Object caching basically saves your application object locally.
    Examples of objects are documents, videos, or images on a Web page.

    Page caching basically saves your entire page content as html and serves that.

    I would suggest using WP Super Cache as it supports both page cache and object cache.


    Thanks for the fast reply! I was planning on using Redis Object Cache & Cache Enabler (I like Cache Enabler because it works with webP format) but when I asked the guys at Cache Enabler if it was OK they said the 2 would conflict.

    This didn’t make sense given my understanding of it and what you just stated.

    Have you used both of these caching methods on any of your sites?

    Hello @xwrecon,

    Yes, we have used WP Super Cache and W3 Total cache on most of the sites we develop and use both object cache and page cache at the same time. I haven’t seen any issues with that. But I haven’t tried Cache Enabler with Redis Object Cache plugin together. You can give it a try and see how it performs.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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