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  • Resolved ramonjosegn


    Hello dear

    I am using WP Performance Pack plugin, this plugin caching the menus and texts for WordPress

    The author implemented a new option for using with Object Cache, I am testing some plugins but are abandoned or running very slow for me

    I like me know if bodi0`s Easy cache plugin will implemented Object Cache in the future

    Thanks for your support

    (I am testing and is running very fine for the moment)

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  • Plugin Author Budiony Damyanov


    WordPress, by default, does a form of “Object Caching” but its lifetime is only a single page load. Let me explain you what exactly is the Object Cache in WordPress, because I see that you are not familiar with this matter:

    Options (extracted from database table wp_options) are actually a really good example of this. The summary:
    – A page starts
    – All options are loaded with a simple SELECT option_name, option_value from $wpdb->options statement
    – Subsequent requests for those options (eg a call to get_option never hit the database because they are stored with the WP cache API.

    Options always “live” in the database and are always persisted there — that’s their “canonical” source. That said, options are loaded into the object cache so when you request an option there’s a 99% chance that request will never hit the database.
    So to speak, Easy cache plugin make very few requests to the database to get his options and they are all cached, by default by WordPress, so the Object caching is enabled by default (because actually this has nothing to do with the plugin, but with the WordPress system).

    Transients are a bit different, but the Easy cache plugin does not use them.

    Ok, I no programmer but I understand some concepts, thanks for your help

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