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    I want to get rid of black bars that sandwich the banner image given by:

    div#imagecontainer {
    border-bottom:5px solid #333333;
    border-top:5px solid #333333;

    Topic says this is in the “..theme’s CSS”.

    A search for div#imagecontainer only showed up in 2 files:

    ..and the black bar styling only shows up in the former.

    I commented out the div#imagecontainer styling, but the black bars persist in both IE and FF. I am using WordPress 2.9.2/Atahualpa 3.4.9. An earlier version (Atahualpa 3.4.6) did not show these black bars.

    Help! Where do I search to get rid of these black bars?

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  • You should probably be making those edits from the Atahualpa options pages as a first choice, rather than style sheet edits. Two things might help you. a) If you could post a link to your site so others can see exactly what you see, help may actually be precise when it comes. b) take some time to look through the absolutely huge number of editable and configurable items in the themes options pages in the dashboard. You may find a very easy solution to removing those borders that doesn’t involve editing any css directly.

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    Good point, Clayton. The problem site is at

    Indeed, I have scoured the Atahualpa Options pages, but I have not succeeded in finding any reference to the black bars that sanwich the banner image.

    Then I searched the Forum and found that this issue had already been reported and resolved ( However, I was unable to apply the solution successfully, probably because I am missing some key piece of information.

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    Found it!!

    The black bar styling code was in Atahualpa Options -> Various Content Items -> NEW Add HTML/CSS Inserts -> CSS Inserts:

    div#imagecontainer {
    border-top: solid 5px #333;
    border-bottom: solid 5px #333;



    FINALLY! Thanks for the post burnsmicro. I’ve been searching for that fix.

    I got the same problem. Thanks to burnsmicro !

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