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    Hello. This plugin is amazing but unfortunately I am not a math wizard. I am hoping you can give me some tips on how to implement something useful.

    I would like to make a way for people to calculate their fee for not enrolling in Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act. The variables are as follows:

    Marital Filing Status = A or B (if A then plus $190, if B then $95)
    Yearly Income = C
    # of Children = D (D * $47.50)
    # of months uninsured = E ( E * 0.08333333) note <– 1/12 for months

    ANSWER = F

    F = (.01*C or A + D whichever is greater)E
    F = (.01*C or B + D whichever is greater)E

    If C is more than 35,000 the answer is simply .01*C (will have a max value, but I don’t know it yet)
    If C is less than 35,000 the answer is the sum of either A + D or B +D with a $285 maximum.

    Also, for E input a value of 3 or less cannot be accepted as valid and should prompt user they are not subject to the fee.

    I hope that makes sense and I really appreciate your time and knowledge.

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    You can implement conditional operations in two different ways:

    1. With ternary operators

    (condition) ? result_A : result_B

    If condition is true, the result_A is assigned to the Calculated Field, and the result_B is assigned if the condition is false

    2. Through an lambda function of javascript. The code to use has not limits, only your imagination

    return result_A;
    return result_B;

    If you need additional help with your form’s creation, you should contact us through our support page:

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