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  • Hi

    Thank you for this plugin. It’s makes the inclusion of AdbEdgAnmt work very easy.

    As working with it I got some questions:

    How clean is this plugin working? Will it leave things loading on the head?

    I don’t know where the OAM files are being sent or stored. I haven’t found them with both my FTP client or host File Manager in the plugin folder.

    How can I rationally update them then?

    I tried to delete one and then upload the update but the reference count keeps going up so the post/page code will not update.

    I noticed you did also a Drupal implementation I wish there was a Dokuwiki one too 😛

    Good luck, and thanks for this again.

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  • Plugin Author ti2m



    thanks for the feedback. I have tried to keep everything really clean. As wordpress doesn’t support protected or private files (which can’t be accessed directly) I decided to not store the OAMs on the server as I don’t want people to be able to somehow get their hands on the complete OAM. The OAM gets extracted on upload, will be scanned for needed resources and the rest will be deleted.
    You are right, replace functionality is missing though and I think its important. I’m planning on doing a whole rewrite of the plugin and therefore didn’t work on “replace” yet, but it all takes longer as expected, so I’ll try to set up replacing compositions in the current version. It just made it to the top of the list.

    Putting JS in the header or footer is also a thing in wordpress. I would love to just put stuff in the footer, but some themes don’t implement footer (although they should). So far the JS get either put in the header or directly inline. I’m thinking about an option though which lets you put everything in the footer.

    Hoped that cleared things up

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